#9, “On The Road Again”

26 Pickup, the Half Ton

I just saw you posted a huge tour for Hell And Back, your newest novel and was wondering if you ever got tired of doing events? It seems like you do a lot all year round.

-Dave Hughes

Hi Dave,

Last year, when I was one of the few authors who went out on a live tour, I had a number of booksellers come to me and say, “Gee, you’re the last author we had here two years ago…”

I started feeling like a canary in a coalmine.

I don’t know. . . It’s a strange time for authors in that a lot of them, either for their own reasons or pressure from their publishers, are doing less actual touring and more virtual events. I can see the appeal of doing an entire tour from your kitchen table, but there’s something missing in the experience–there’s no real contact and the readers can’t get your book signed and personalized. Viking/Penguin has always been incredibly supportive of my books and the investment they make in a time when author tours appear to be getting shorter and shorter is something for which I’m greatly appreciative.

I like travelling, having gone so far as to expand my early tours by jumping on my motorcycle when the national tour ended and doing a five-thousand-mile loop through the Great Northwest.

I like meeting the people that read my books for the same reason I’ve got an open, personal email that people can use to get in touch with me anytime. I’ve had a few bad experiences, but the good ones have far outweighed those. I always think of the authors that never had the chance to meet their readers and feel lucky to live in a time when technology makes that kind of thing possible. I’ve had people drive across three states to get to an event—now, how do you not appreciate that?”

Any kind of travel can be a challenge these days, but you just have to learn to roll with the punches. The international tours are particularly tough, but once again I’ve been lucky enough to meet all kinds of people around the world and go to places I never would’ve gotten to see. I’m a bit of a workhorse and tend to not take vacations, preferring to get back to the ranch whenever I can. As much as I love traveling, I built the ranch with my own two hands, and it’ll always be home, but the tours give me an excuse to get out in the world.

I do have to admit that I might’ve overdone it lately. With COVID keeping us in lockdown, I pretty much said yes to everybody over the last few months and then suddenly discovered that I didn’t have two weekends at home until November…

And then I go to Europe.

See you on the trail, and I mean it.



2 thoughts on “#9, “On The Road Again”

  1. Having driven a few hundred miles to see you in Monterey, Ca. my twin sister and I can tell you were thoroughly enjoyed your “live” talk. Been reading about Walt et.al. since I stumbled across Cold Dish years ago. Your books are a huge gift to all of us. Thank you.


  2. I enjoyed listening to your talk and meeting you in Hailey, Idaho a few years back. Now I’m looking forward to seeing you in Seattle!


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