A Visit From Craig Cringle

Some years back, I took liberties with the classic Clement Moore poem – from a cowpoke’s perspective, no less. I apologize.

A Visit From Craig Cringle

‘Twas the night afore Christmas, an’ all ‘crost the spread
All the cowpokes were drunk, an’ the hosses were fed.
The bunkhouse was warmed by a fire of cut wood,
All the Pappy’d been finished, but it was sure good!

Most fellers were passed out, but a few could still move,
An’ one o’ the hombres had crawled ‘hind the stove.
I was jes’ semi-conscious, yet was sure that I’d heard
The clatter of hooves, but said nary a word.

Who could that be ridin’ in from the cold?
So out the winder I peered an’ lo an’ behold
Was a wagon behind eight hosses, all roan,
With a white-whiskered red-suited driver, alone.

He sported a 50X hat from H-Bar
The color of whiskey, as I saw from afar.
His cheeks were so rosy an’ his smile was so wide
I was sure he had sampled the jug by his side.

He hopped from his seat and pulled down a sack
Then hoisted it up and clambered ’round back.
The bunkhouse door creaked, and he paused just a tick
Afore sneakin’ inside, an’ then he worked quick.

Set out bottles of likker an’ new cowboy boots,
A couple of sidearms for them as could shoot,
Some Kings ropes an’ saddles for riders galore
An’ bottles of likker…oh, I said that before.

He crept out the door without making a sound
Then he mounted his wagon and turning around
Looked me right in the eye an’ winked with a grin,
Hollered, “Boy Howdy!” then I recognized him.

“He’s the hombre what writes them novels I think,
‘Bout the Wyoming sheriff, the one likes to drink
Rainier by the case-full, an’ sometimes some Pappy
An’ plays chess with ol’ Lucian, ’cause it keeps the man happy.”

Afore I could think of a nice thing to say
He hollered “Boy Howdy!”, an’ then rode away.
But I heered him exclaim as he rolled out of sight,
“Happy Post-Its and more Longmire stories tonight!”

— Ry Brooks

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5 thoughts on “A Visit From Craig Cringle

  1. Thank you so much, What a nice gift! This was priceless! Wishing one and all a merry Christmas season and a safe, healthy and Happy New Year! Idalie


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