“All Good Things…” or “That’s a Wrap” – 52 Pickup, #50

Well, we seem to have dealt from a short deck. Maybe the dealer held back 2 aces, or maybe a couple of youngsters have each clipped a playing card to the front forks of their Schwinns to make their spokes sing. Whatever, “52 Pickup” started almost a year ago as a weekly Q&A, with Longmire creator Craig Johnson graciously rewarding us with regular insightful feedback in answer to your need to know. It’s been a special interaction, one that has been imitated but certainly never duplicated. We are eternally grateful to Craig for sharing this unique backstage pass to the Longmire literary universe. As the great philosopher George Harrison said, “All (good) things must pass”, and so we wrap up the series with a short deck. Enjoy, and keep a lookout for the next chapter…


Question #50 04/09/19

David Anderson:

“ What have you not been asked that you would like to share with us?”

It might sound trite, but I never get enough time to say thanks to the readers as much as they deserve–whether it’s the die-hards who have been with me back when I first started writing or the folks who wrote me today to say they’d just discovered the books. Without you guys this wonderful opportunity wouldn’t exist and I don’t know what I’d be doing, but I do know it wouldn’t be anything near so satisfying as writing about Absaroka County and Walt Longmire and friends.

When I come off my loft where I write almost every day for about eight hours, there’s a Cheyenne dance stick with a fringe that I touch, almost as if I’m touching fingertips with the characters and readers at the end of the day. I wouldn’t trade what I do for anything.

All the best,



2 thoughts on ““All Good Things…” or “That’s a Wrap” – 52 Pickup, #50

  1. Ry and Craig,
    I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed waking up to 52 Pickup over the past year. I truly appreciate the work that you’ve both put into it, and the wonderful extra snippets of information you’ve delighted us all with! The pleasure of sharing this aspect of the books with other readers can’t be measured.
    Many, many thanks,
    Anne Maclachlan

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  2. I just discovered the 52 Pickup a few months ago. Each article makes for enjoyable reading and is loaded with thoughtful insight and information. I particularly liked the article a couple of weeks ago about Craig’s writing space. Being a writer too, I am always curious as to what other writers surround themselves with when writing. Thank you to everyone involved in putting together this adventure!!

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