“Beside Every Great Man…” – 52 Pickup, Question #13

Because Craig Johnson is away doing “research”… okay, okay, he’s fishing…his lovely wife Judy takes up the pen for this week’s installment. Enjoy!

Question #13, 7/31/18

Stacey Chaffee Morris:

“How much involvement does your wife have with your writing?”

Well, since Craig is in Alaska to fish for ten days, I figured I’d give this question a go. So, this is Judy, Craig’s wife, and I like to think I’m the inspiration for Vic—that’s the starter. At least, she has my foul language habits and my fan addiction to all sports Philadelphia. I’d like to say I have her fierceness and spirit and hope some of her tendencies toward funny, but that might be wishful thinking….

As far as the writing, well, I don’t have Craig’s talent for storytelling; I mean how many people can do what he does? But, I’m a really good re-designer. I mean I’m happy to give my opinion on what’s wrong with just about everything–you having trouble with your golf swing? Just ask me. Where you should put that blob of red paint to balance your painting? Here I am. How to plant that perennial garden? I have ideas. So, it was natural that I be Craig’s first reader.

I grew up in a family of journalists—my father was political editor of the Hartford (Connecticut) Courant and my mother, the book editor. I lived with words. I went on to college to be an English major but fell into Art History instead. Still, I like to think I can help. It’s a challenge to edit and keep Craig’s voice and again, I like to think I’m the one who is best for that in that I know him. I’ve lived with Walt and Vic and Ruby and Lucian and Dog for years. Good thing I really like them, right? Besides, Craig has this thing about commas. . . .

Hope he catches lots of salmon. I love salmon. I think I have to look up how to make gravlax.

As Craig would say: See you on the trail.

—Judy Johnson

5 thoughts on ““Beside Every Great Man…” – 52 Pickup, Question #13

  1. Great job, Judy! We all know that behind every good man is an even better woman! I love Craig’s books and enjoy listening to real life stories. Thanks SO much for sharing him!


  2. Sitting across the breakfast table at Cowboy Cafe in Dubois, Craig told me with a slight gesture your direction, who inspires Walt’s Victoria. I miss your visits to that little bookstore on Ramshorn.


  3. Thanks Judy!! Very interesting to hear from behind Craig’s pen!!! Alot of us feel like we know you somewhat because Craig talks about the love of his life at every chance!! Keep him straight!!


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